Dsogchen Ganor Rinpoche gives his Terma –

Transmissions August 15 – 31, 2008, in the Banana City Hotel in Winterthur/Switzerland (near the railway station)

Dsogchen Ganor Rinpoche is an extremely special Lama who was requested personally by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to teach in the West, certainly following the prophecy, that when the iron birds from the east fly over Tibet, blowing and dropping fire, then the Buddhism in Tibet will be destroyed and then Dharma will be spread in the western countries!

When Ganor Rinpoche met Padmasambhava several times, he received special Terma-Teachings from him, which are focused specially for this time, when the beings and the world is so much undergoing big changes on all levels!

We requested Ganor Rinpoche to bestow on us all his Terma-Teachings and his blessings, coming directly without interference from Padmasambhava himself.

Anybody who sees and understands the preciousness of these teachings and if he or she feels a fortunate karmic connection, is warmly invited to participate in this unique event and share this extraordinary experience.

On weekends, the most important initiations of the new termas are given, during the week followed by further teachings and instructions.

The registration can be done at the following address:

Ingenieur Culturel Johannes Frischknecht, Tibetans contact Yönten Gope please.


cellular phone: +41 78 809 94 84 or

Johannes Frischknecht, P.O. Box 21, CH-8320 Fehraltorf/Switzerland

For the whole of 16 days we ask for min. 500 SFr. to cover all costs for the organisation and rental, but more comfortably situated persons are kindly invited to give extended donations!

A weekend is 150 SFr., a single day is 100 SFr.

Tibetans handle the donations their own way, but they are kindly invited to make a donation for costs of the organisation and rental.

Om Svasti! May the Dharma inspire and free all beings!

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